Who are we?

Muscle Freedom Release offers mobility and stretching classes in the heart of Bayside. Our classes are designed and run by some of Melbourne’s leading remedial massage and myotherapists. The classes will guide you through stretches and mobility exercises to activate various muscle groups in the body. Our classes are for all abilities and everyBODY – come one, come all!

Our classes run for 50 minutes. The stretches and mobility exercises are shown via video. An instructor also offers one-on-one guidance throughout the class to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Classes have been designed to treat a range of common ailments. Whether you’ve been spending too much time behind a desk, or you’re trying to prevent injury for an upcoming sporting event, we can help.

Our classes

Sports Release

Sports Release is a class designed specifically for athletes who want to prevent injury and excel at their sport.

This lower body intensive class uses a combo of vibrating rollers, massage balls, duo balls and foam rollers to target areas that commonly cause injuries.

It’s perfect for everyone from casual runners to elite athletes who are wanting to perform at their peak.

Stretch and Release

Stretch and Release is a stretching class that will make you feel 10 feet tall when you leave!

Using a variety of stretching techniques from new and old modalities, it will elongate those muscles, increase circulation, improve flexibility and enhance your posture.

Roll and Release

Roll and Release is a class designed for everyBODY. From athletes to people who work at a desk who are concerned about their flexibility, this class uses all the tools in our arsenal to target problem areas.

Using vibrating rollers, massage balls, blocks and foam rollers, this class works on muscular dysfunction that we see our clients suffer with every day.

Stretch class

What to bring?

We provide everything that’s needed for the class, including your mat and vibrating rollers, so please just bring yourselves and some water. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in.

At Muscle Freedom Release, we like to keep things simple. Book and prepay online, then simply show up and enjoy the class. We don’t accept cash or card on site for classes.

Our studio

Muscle Freedom Release is located in Black Rock, Melbourne, about a kilometre up from the village on Bluff Road. We’re just upstairs from the Muscle Freedom remedial massage clinic, at 115-117 Bluff Road, Black Rock.

Our air-conditioned studio is designed with your comfort in mind. It’s an intimate space for a maximum of 12 people.